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March 20, 2020
Reykjavík’s vibrant nightlife

The nightlife in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city, offers you and your fellow stags the perfect variety of options to spend your final night partying away as a single man!

Icelandic nightlife is the BEST!

There's no need to go on about the nightlife in Reykjavík or “jammith” as the locals say! We all know it's legendary so you will definitely enjoy your night out and hopefully remember it too.

Bars and Clubs

With a wide variety of bars, clubs and restaurants, we recommend you follow the locals’ lead and just hop from place to place until you find what you like! If you prefer a spot of VIP treatment, we can always provide you with a charismatic Icelandic nightlife guide and we can also make sure you get the best VIP bottle tables the city has to offer.

As interest has been growing among Icelanders in brewing their own beer, local breweries have been popping up all over Iceland and Reykjavik. Bar crawls, beer walks or brewery tours are recommended to kick off this legendary party weekend with your bachelor. Our amazing guides will talk you through our local drinking habits but, as the story goes, Icelanders tend to party like rock stars every weekend so good luck in following our lead!

How it works

It's important to note that Icelanders go out late, so there's plenty of time for something other than just partying. Happy hours are getting more and more popular so you can just walk from one place to another to get the best deals and get yourself into the party mood.

Icelanders tend to get pretty shit-faced so prepare for a crazy night out with the boys!

Hangover cure!

There are abundant sources of naturally heated water in Iceland, which is the finest way to relax and rejuvenate yourself as well as possibly one of the best cures in the world for your stag-night hangover. The most famous of these is the Blue Lagoon, of course. This geothermal lagoon, situated in the middle of a lava field, averages a comfortable temperature of 104˚F. With its milky teal water, rolling clouds of steam, and people daubed in white silica mud, the Blue Lagoon is an otherworldly place where rest and relaxation are definitely top of the agenda so it’s the perfect place to chill after a long weekend of partying in Iceland!

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