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Stag Iceland's mission is to share with you our part of the world using our knowledge and advice. The team is filled with passion and knowledge when it comes to planning great fun in Iceland.

Our favorite packages

Adrenaline4 Days3 Nights

Full Throttle


Glacier snowmobiling in the highlands of Iceland and riding ATVs in the outskirts of Reykjavik is a weekend to brag about.   

Full Throttle is designed for those lads that like to get their adrenaline pumping. You will whizz around one of Iceland’s glaciers on a snowmobile with a private guide & beautiful scenery. You will also ride a quad/ATV in the back country of Reykjavik, cruising on tracks and trails, up mountains and hills. Let's not forget the vibrant Reykjavík nightlife that you will get to experience with the guys.

This package is a fun-filled weekend in Iceland with exciting adventures during the day and unforgettable partying throughout the night.

***All prices are based on 10 people traveling together. If the group is smaller or bigger, the price may change accordingly. Some activities included may be restricted in number.

Price from$1,263Per person
City Fun 3 Days2 Nights

Reykjavik Nights

A city break like no other

Forget everything you know about partying downtown in cities around the world - nothing compares to Reykjavík's nightlife! The nightlife is exceptional for such a small city and there is definitely a reason why you are thinking about coming here.. To name few, the vibrant city, late-night clubs, crazy daylight difference and beautiful Icelandic girls!

In this package, we make sure you experience and don’t miss out on what Reykjavík has to offer at night. Don’t worry we will also have fun in the daytime with an ATV tour close to the city where we will challenge these Icelandic beasts through the rough terrain. 

Reykjavík nights is ideal for those looking for a short stop in Reykjavík, so you will definitely enjoy this weekend and hopefully remember it.

***All prices are based on 10 people traveling together. If the group is smaller or bigger, the price may change accordingly. Some activities included may be restricted in number.

Price from$758Per person
Country Road4 days3 nights

Made in sveitin


“Made in sveitin”, meaning “made in the countryside”, is a great way for those that want to spend some private time with their stag buddies in the countryside. There you can have your own time for drinking, dining, catching up, playing some games and, not to mention, soaking in the hot tubs. We will also take off on a sightseeing road trip, experiencing the incredible Icelandic scenery before embarking on a river rafting adventure on the Hvitá river. 

Before a trip to the sublime Blue Lagoon, you will also visit a stunning lava cave by the Blue Mountains.

Made in Sveitin is ideal for those wanting to experience both the tranquility of the Icelandic countryside as well as the buzzing nightlife of Reykjavík with one night in a cozy rural residence and two nights in the capital.

***All prices are based on 10 people traveling together. If the group is smaller or bigger, the price may change accordingly. Some activities included may be restricted in number.

Price from$1,217Per person
VIP Luxury5 days4 nights



If you are "all about the Benjamins” and want to spend some on a luxurious stag weekend with the boys, MR. VIP is the way to go - a few days of thrilling & chilling experiences to be remembered forever.

MR. VIP is an exclusive luxury 4-night/5-day stag weekend, tailored to those looking for an extraordinary time with their best buds. Spend 2 nights together in an luxury lodge in the countryside with hot tubs, a sauna, spa, game room and private chef.

Explore Iceland in the best super trucks, buses and helicopters available. Hold your horses - we will get your adrenaline pumping by revving those engines and enjoying the fresh air both on the glacier and in the outskirts of Reykjavík.

You will also get a taste of the Icelandic nightlife through food, bar crawling, beers and bottle tables - MR. VIP has it all!

***All prices are based on 10 people traveling together. If the group is smaller or bigger, the price may change accordingly. Some activities included may be restricted in number.

Price from$3,405Per person
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Most popular activities

Bar Crawl

Bar Crawl


Hop from one bar to another with a local nightlife professional by your side & experience the best of what Reykjavik nightlife has to offer through premium Icelandic beer, unique cocktails, the infamous Black Death schnapps and so much more!

We start the night off at the best cocktail lounge in Reykjavik for some delicious cocktails and reminiscing about the groom-to-be's single days. Then, visit a true Icelandic bar to blend in with the locals and enjoy some Icelandic brews. Once we've shaken off that warm and fuzzy Viking feeling, we’ll stop at Bill Clinton’s favorite Icelandic restaurant, the famous hot dog stand Bæjarins Bestu, and then party the night away at Reykjavik's biggest nightclub!

Price from$121Per person

Hell Yeah!

Great choiceBar Crawl has been added to your basket!

Glacier Hike

Glacier Hike


Let's get adventurous and explore the amazing sprawling glacier, a magnificent phenomenon of ever-changing ancient frozen water. Our guide will lead you safely through the maze of deep crevasses and icy ridges, sharing their wisdom regarding the glacier's formation and interaction with surrounding volcanoes and mountains.

Not many can say that they have walked on a glacier so this is definitely something to brag about back home!

And... for even more adventure, why not add some ice climbing as well?

Price from$161Per person

Hell Yeah!

Great choiceGlacier Hike has been added to your basket!

ATV/Quad Tour

ATV/Quad Tour


Quad biking is the perfect stag do activity – fun, fast and adrenaline-filled!

Iceland offers some of the best sights and conditions for quad / ATV tours in Europe - there are endless options of tracks and trails all over the country along black lava beaches and highland roads.

Icelandic quads are not the regular quads you are used to in other countries - these Icelandic beasts have much bigger tires to conquer the rough terrain ahead.

Quad tours range from 1 hour in the outskirts of Reykjavik up to full-day excursions all over our country.

Note: To drive the quads you need a valid driver's license. Drinking and driving in Iceland is illegal.

Price from$165Per person

Hell Yeah!

Great choiceATV/Quad Tour has been added to your basket!

Super Jeep Self-drive

Super Jeep Self-drive


Ever wanted to take a test drive in an Icelandic super jeep specially designed to endure our country's extreme weather conditions and rugged landscape? How cool to go back home having driven a 38” modified super jeep on the Icelandic terrain!

We offer both a half-day super jeep self-drive along with a full day of fun in the wild!

Price from$327Per person

Hell Yeah!

Great choiceSuper Jeep Self-drive has been added to your basket!

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The Stag Iceland team is made up of well-traveled, passionate and fun girls that will make sure that your stag weekend will be worry-free and full of adventures.

We are dedicated to making it more than just a good night out. So, sit back, live a little and let us plan your bachelor fun in.

Stag Iceland made this an EPIC trip of a lifetime...

Stag Iceland was AMAZING in the planning and execution of our Stag Party in Iceland. They took their time working with us to plan the perfect itinerary beforehand. Really, trying to accommodate all of our wishes and made great suggestions along the way. They were patient, helpful and very communicative. Once we got to Iceland, we really became thankful we set up our vacation with them.

If you are planning a trip to Iceland you WILL be missing out if you don't plan with them!

All in all, the trip gets a 10/10

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Bachelor Party Ideas

Our idea of a stag party in Iceland is about having fun all day, as well as during the night. With endless possibilities and activities to choose from, a bachelor trip to Iceland will surely be the best one ever!

When is the best time to visit Iceland?

To start with, let‘s divide the year into four seasons: spring being from April to May, summer from June to August, fall/autumn from September to November, and then winter from December to March.

Before Tying the Knot

Before you hear those wedding bells, Iceland offers you the Iceland bachelor party package where you can have the best time with your best buds in Iceland.

Reykjavík’s vibrant nightlife

The nightlife in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city, offers you and your fellow stags the perfect variety of options to spend your final night partying away as a single man!

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