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June 13, 2019
When is the best time to visit Iceland?

To start with, let‘s divide the year into four seasons: spring being from April to May, summer from June to August, fall/autumn from September to November, and then winter from December to March.


When is the best time to visit Iceland? What season is the best for stag/bachelor trips? What is there to do in Iceland? Is Iceland really a wild bachelor party destination? Well, let us break it down for you and explain all about it!

If you are asking the question when is the best time to visit Iceland for your bachelor or stag group, then the simplest answer is there is no BEST time to visit Iceland! Every season has it‘s perks so let us just tell you about the differences between each season.


Winter in Iceland is, in a few words, short daylight hours and snow. The average temperature is around 0-3°C. It can be a challenge getting used to the limited daylight hours but it is really something amazing to experience! In December, when we have the most hours of darkness, Icelanders only have about three hours of daylight a day.

December to February are the island’s coldest months and the months when you are most likely to have snow. If you’re adventurous enough and ready to embrace the cold, then winter is totally the best time to visit Iceland. In winter time, you‘ll get the most out of your super jeep ride and snowmobiling adventures, plus it is the season when you can see phenomenal northern lights. The one piece of advice we give you is to pack warm clothes. With warm clothes on, adventuring on an Icelandic glacier - nothing can go wrong!


Spring is an amazing time to come to Iceland – The temperature is rising a bit and the daylight hours are increasing fast with about 12-14 hours of daylight.

If you’re excited about visiting our little island but not too thrilled about the extreme cold winter, spring could be the best time for you to visit! Springtime is also a little bit cheaper since hotels tend to have higher prices during summer, and flights may be a little cheaper as well. In spring, we have a few activities that are not usually operated during winter. For example, river Rafting, RIB boats and fishing.


Summer is considered by many to be the best time for visiting Iceland. During this period, the weather is mild with temperatures ranging from 8 to 15°C. The days are really long making it perfect for long days outside, having fun on ATV's or hiking in geothermal valleys to bathe in natural hot-spring pools. In summer, you can come back to Reykjavik after a long day in the countryside and still have energy to go downtown Reykjavik to party all night long. When you come back to the hotel at around 4 am and the sun is still out, you feel like you can go on forever.

The downside of traveling to Iceland in the summer is that the flights may be more expensive and the hotels have higher room rates. Also, the number of people traveling at this time makes some places feel too crowded. But, the upside of booking with Stag Iceland is that we will make you feel very special and, of course, book all activities as private tours if possible so you won‘t notice the crowds - we will treat you like the kings you are!


Iceland can stay relatively warm all the way through to the first week of October so planning a September visit can be ideal. The same reasons apply for the fall/autumn as the spring, with the lower prices and summer activities, and you may also catch a glimpse of the northern lights if you are lucky.


Well, to tell you the truth, Reykjavik never sleeps! The party scene downtown is great with loads of people out until 6 am still going strong. Most weeknights there is something going on at the restaurants and bars, and then the weekends get even crazier. Icelanders tend to hit the town at around midnight so don‘t panic if the town seems empty before midnight at weekends. If you are wondering about the nightlife and want some more information on the partying scene in Reykjavik, check out this post for some insider info.

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